Cosmesa Kozmetik

Cosmesa Kozmetik, which was established in 2016 and has nearly 25 years of industry experience, produces cosmetic products for local and international markets in compliance with international standards and quality, through its people-oriented and environmentally-conscious work style.


The contents of these products are produced in 316 stainless steel reactors, and then filled and packaged in automatic machines. 30 tons of content can be produced, and 50,000 pieces of filling and packaging per day can be made at the facility.


Cosmesa gives great importance to research and development activities. A significant portion of its turnover is allocated in terms of a budget geared towards research and development.


Cosmesa provides reliable, high-quality, and safe services to its customers, who demand PL production in its high-capacity boutique facility. This service is provided in accordance with both national and international laws and regulations.

Telat Esa

Upon graduating from the Faculty of Industrial Engineering at Istanbul Technical University in 1993, I have gained experience in a number of different industries. In 1996, I entered into the industry for the first time by working in one of the leading companies in the industry.


Cosmesa works on the principle of achieving quality in every field, and of transforming quality into a way of life that is in line with its goal of satisfying customer needs and expectations, thus achieving the best.