Cosmesa Kozmetik, which was established in 2016 and has nearly 25 years of industry experience, produces cosmetic products for local and international markets in compliance with international standards and quality, through its people-oriented and environmentally-conscious work style.

Despite our company’s relatively young age, its founders and employees have worked for leading companies in the industry for many years, and put their industrial expertise back into the service of the cosmetic industry via Cosmesa.

While serving its consumers and other stakeholders in order to meet their needs at the highest level through products offered under its own brand name, Cosmesa also provides the best product development, production, and logistics services for customers who prefer to focus on their own brands, and who demand production service at international standards of quality.

Cosmesa, puts human health, environmental awareness, and international quality standards at the center of all its activities, and carries out production in modern facilities located in the Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone, all the while in complete accordance with the requirements of both international and local regulations.


Making a difference in the development and production of cosmetic products, Cosmesa will be an international cosmetic company. “Cosmesa makes a difference.”


  • Develops and manufactures safe products,
  • Works with quality management systems,
  • Works with customer satisfaction-oriented approach,
  • Gives importance to employee satisfaction and safety,
  • Follows and uses technological and industrial innovations.


  • To add value to each product,
  • To produce products that are safe for human health and the environment,
  • To work in compliance with integrity and business ethics,
  • To give importance to the confidentiality of our customers’ information,
  • To prioritize professionalism in everything we do,
  • To provide a safe working environment,
  • To work in a clean and organized manner at all times.

Telat Esa, Founder of Cosmesa Kozmetik

Telat Esa

Upon graduating from the Faculty of Industrial Engineering at Istanbul Technical University in 1993, I have gained experience in a number of different industries. In 1996, I entered into the industry for the first time by working in one of the leading companies in the industry. I helped my company receive the first quality management system certificate in the industry with my work in quality management system. I have worked in a broad number of fields such as quality, production, procurement, R&D, human resources, information technologies, and financial affairs, as well as have managed each of these departments. I also had worked as the Factory Manager for a number of years, whereupon in 1996, I left my professional life behind and founded Cosmesa.

Today, creating a brand is a difficult and expensive process. That said, companies that own a brand in the industry should focus on the market where the real battle is fought, and therefore must concentrate on growing and strengthening their brands in the midst of this tough battle. In being aware of this fact, my aim in founding Cosmesa was to provide companies and brands with a production service that meet international quality and standards, in order that they not lose their concentration on production, and thus have their mind at peace, as well as thus contributing to the formation of stronger brands in the both the national and international arena.

I also aim to create products with high functionality and to find cosmetic solutions for various hair and skin problems.

In order to achieve each objective, I have established both a facility and a team at international standards. With these strengths, I hope to continue to serve in the cosmetics industry for many years to come. Cosmesa is one of the best manufacturing companies in the industry and will continue to be so upon strengthening this feature.

Yours truly,
Telat Esa